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Church House departments and staff

The children’s and youth work office works with the children’s and youth work committee to equip and develop the United Reformed Church’s ministry among children and young people throughout the denomination.

Sam Richards: Head of Children’s and Youth Work, telephone: 020 7916 8637

Lorraine Webb: Children’s and Youth Work Programme Officer, telephone: 020 7916 8683

Tricia Harding: Administrative Assistant

Sharon Lloyd: Programme Assistant, telephone: 0207 691 9872

Heather Wilkinson: Administrator, telephone: 020 7916 8683

Rhys Lloyd: URC Youth Intern

Synod Children's & Youth Work contacts

Church Related Community Work is a distinctive and formally recognised ministry within the URC, and post holders play a vital role in the denomination's presence and engagement in neighbourhoods and with communities.

Steve Summers: Development Worker

Samara Andrews: Administrator (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays)

We support the Church to live out the social and political implications of the gospel. We work as part of the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT), an ecumenical partnership with the Methodist Church and the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Vacant, Secretary for Church & Society3
Roo Stewart, Programme Support Officer, telephone 020 7916 8632

Commitment for Life is the world development programme of the United Reformed Church working in partnership with Christian Aid and Global Justice Now. Our areas of focus are: Bangladesh, Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador), Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, and Zimbabwe.

The Revd Dr Kevin Snyman, Programme Officer, telephone: 020 7520 2726
Suzanne Pearson, Administrative Assistant (Tuesdays and Wednesdays), telephone: 020 7916 8638

The communications department oversees the internal and external communications of the denomination – including Reform, News Update, media releases, reputation management issues, the content and maintenance of the URC website, social media, vidoes, graphic design and print, publishes URC books and reports, copyright enquiries, and helping the URC at all levels.

Please click on the person's name to email them.

Ann-Marie Nye: Communications Officer, telephone: 020 7520 2715 - press and public relations, news, social media (out of hours number for enquiries from the media: 07976 753950)

Louise Ault: Administrator, telephone: 020 7916 8627 - copyright

Sara Foyle: Senior Graphic Designer, telephone: 07741 542 552 - graphic design for the URC

iChurch: Email address for those using the iChurch service for their church's website

Laura  Taylor: Graphic Designer, telephone: 020 7520 2717 - graphic design for the URC

Hannah Clark: Digital Content Assistant - videos, Daily Devotions, social media

Neil Hunter: Digital Content Manager

Andy Jackson: Head of Communications, telephone: 020 7691 9865

Media team out of office hours number: 07976 753 950


Steve Tomkins: Editor of Reform, telephone: 020 7916 8631

Laurence Wareing: Content Editor, Reform, telephone: 07342 883 954

Chris Andrews: Graphic Designer for Reform, telephone: 020 7691 9873

Reform subscriptions, telephone: 020 7520 2721 - website: reformsubs.co.uk

Press Pack

The latest Press Pack - essentials at your fingertips (PDF | 562kb)

We provide Daily Devotions each morning offering a reading, reflection and short prayer, Worship Notes for those who lead worship helping them prepare excellent services, downloadable resources for small group study, prayers for different seasons of the Church Year, and PowerPoint services to download as a form of pulpit supply.  Please feel free to contact our Minister for Digital Worship, Andy Braunston, via the email link below or call him.

Andy Braunston: Minister for Digital Worship  0744 385 1669

The ecumenical and interfaith relations office is instrumental for the United Reformed Church in developing positive relationships with other churches in the UK and across Europe. It also assists the denomination to build understanding and engagement with inter faith partners.

Carole Sired: Administrator for Mission and Ecumenical & Interfaith Relations, telephone: 020 7916 8655

Service times: 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday

The Education and Learning office implements activities which are intended to support adult learning within the United Reformed Church, primarily through the initial and ongoing development of people in various public ministries.

Jenny Mills: Secretary for Education and Learning, telephone: 07769 201978

Philippa Linton: Administrator


Marion Brown: Stepwise and Digital Learning Programme Administrator (Tuesday – Thursday), telephone: 020 7916 8648 

The team oversees the day-to-day management of the facilities at Church House, including the maintenance and monitoring of policies and procedures in relation to the health, safety and welfare of staff and visitors. It also offers ad hoc advice on health & safety matters to churches and synods.

Nicolas Aravis: Facilities Manager, telephone: 020 7916 8647

Simon Pickard: Caretaker, telephone: 07584 908 581

Service times: 09:00 – 16:30 Monday to Friday

The Faith and Order Committee advises the Church on matters of Faith and Order and undertakes work commissioned by General Assembly.

You can email the Committee here.


Accounting and record keeping

Record Ministry & Mission Fund contributions and other receipts into and payments from the URC Trust bank account process authorised non-payroll payments from URC Trust funds regular, ad hoc and annual financial reporting for the URC Trust, its associated charities and funds (accountants).

John Samson: Chief Finance Officer, telephone: 020 7916 8641

Jacqueline Watson PA to Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer, telephone: 020 7520 2719

Beatrice Ochogo: Financial Accounting Manager, telephone: 020 7916 2020

Yvonne Sired: Finance Administrator, telephone: 020 7916 8640

Sade Alli-Balogun: Management Accountant, telephone: 020 7916 8624

Vasuki Sivakumar: Accountant, telephone: 020 7916 8644

Payroll and pensions

Operate payrolls for ministers’ stipends, staff salaries and retired ministers’ and widow(er)s’ pensions administer the URC Ministers’ Pension Fund and liaise with The Pensions Trust who administer the staff scheme provide taxation administration and guidance for ministers and staff paid via our payrolls.

Joao Rodrigues: Pensions Officer, telephone: 020 7691 9869

Mary Steele: Payroll Manager, telephone: 020 7916 8639 (07:30 – 15:00)

General Secretary

The Revd Dr John Bradbury, who has served the URC as a local church minister to URCs in Cambridgeshire, a tutor and Vice Principal of Westminster College, Cambridge, and URC and ecumenical ministries in Liverpool, is the new General Secretary of the URC.

John Bradbury has been heavily involved in ecumenism and has served on various groups for the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), which he now serves as one of its three presidents.

As well as serving as co-chair of the URC-Roman Catholic dialogue, John also convenes the United Reformed Church’s Law and Polity Advisory Group.

Samantha Bircham is PA to General Secretary, telephone number: 020 7520 2712

Chief Operating Officer (Administration & Resources)

Victoria James is Chief Operating Officer for Administration & Resources

Jacqueline Watson PA to Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer, telephone: 020 7520 2719

Deputy General Secretary (Discipleship)

The Revd Adrian Bulley is Deputy General Secretary for Discipleship

Izumi Nishizono is PA to Deputy General Secretary for Discipleship, telephone: 020 7520 2725

Deputy General Secretary (Mission)

Philip Brooks is Deputy General Secretary for Mission

In partnership with synod global/intercultural coordinators and world church partners, Global & Intercultural Ministries advocate, facilitate-nurture partnerships, enable URC participation in global opportunities, resource the United Reformed Church on global partnerships and intercultural practices (locally and globally), and much more.

Karen Campbell: Secretary for Global and Intercultural Ministries, telephone: 020 76919872

Veronica Daniel: Administrator for Global and Intercultural Ministries, telephone: 020 7916 8649

Kevin Snyman: Programme Officer, telephone: 020 7520 2726

Service times: 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday

The Human Resources department provides a full range of HR services for Church House, including advice and guidance to Westminster College, synods and local churches.

Helen Bird: Human Resources Officer, telephone: 020 7691 9874

Deepti Upadhyaya: Human Resources Coordinator, 020 7691 9871

Service times: 09:00 – 16:30 Monday to Friday

The team maintains the IT infrastructure at Church House including and ensure that all date and systems are secure. It also provides in-house IT support to staff.

Fred Sackey: IT Manager, telephone: 020 7916 8645

Tim Isaac: IT Support Technician, telephone: 020 7916 8645

Service times: 08:30 – 16:30 Monday to Friday

The Ministries office maintains the rolls of ministers, Church Related Community Workers (CRCWs) and lay preachers as well as giving general oversight to their work and the work of elders. Among other matters, it deals with the movement and remuneration of ministers, legislation, ministers’ conditions of service, ministerial retirements, ministers from other churches wishing to work for the URC, the filling of special category ministry posts and assessing candidates for ministry.

Nicola Furley-Smith: Secretary for Ministries, telephone: 020 7916 8649

Gillian Jones: Data Analyst and Administrator for Ministries, telephone: 020 7916 8634

Farrah Carrer: Administrator for Ministries, telephone: 020 7916 8649

The Moderator of the General Assembly is a figurehead for the denomination and represent the United Reformed Church, in the UK and abroad.

The Moderator of the General Assembly for 2023-24 is the Revd Dr Tessa Henry-Robinson.

Please contact the Communications team for any queries you would like to direct to them.

Assisting retiring ministers to meet their housing needs during retirement, aiming to provide adequate housing suitable for long-term occupation maintain, with the assistance of local volunteers, around 350 properties tenanted by retired ministers, arranging inspections and repairs manage around 20 properties occupied as manses by centrally appointed ministers retired ministers

Chuka Agbasiere: Chief Executive (RMHS), telephone: 020 7916 8636

Katia Crowley: PA to Chief Executive (RMHS), telephone: 020 7916 8636

Ted Ford: Maintenance Surveyor (North), telephone: 07739 360 034

Francesca Pitts: Maintenance Surveyor (South), telephone: 020 7520 2718

Naomi McPherson: Interim Tenancy Manager (RMHS), telephone 020 7520 2714

Sharon Acers: Repairs and Maintenance Coordinator (RMHS), telephone 020 7520 2716

Khadija Idris: Finance Administrator, telephone 020 7916 2716

Roger Corbett: Property Transaction Coordinator, telephone 020 7916 8643

Visit the RMHS website

Where a person is in imminent dancer of harm or a criminal act may have been committed, the police must be notified immediately on 999. Otherwise, you can call 101 to report a crime or any other concerns that do not require and emergency response.

For general safeguarding queries, or when you cannot contact your Synod, email: [email protected] or telephone: 07776 178246

Sharon Barr: Designated Safeguarding Lead (Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm)

Carrie Kaunda: Training and Development Coordinator

Emma Pearce: Administrative Assistant

Synod Safeguarding contacts

For safeguarding concerns, queries or training information, contact your Synod Safeguarding Officer. 

For all urgent out of hours media requests, please call 07976 753950 or contact our Communications team.

Synod offices

Contact details for our thirteen synods that administer churches at a regional level

Synod safeguarding contacts

For safeguarding concerns, queries or training information and contact details for synod safeguarding officers

Synod children’s & youth work contacts

Find out your synod’s children’s & youth work contact details

Synod discipleship contacts

Find the contact details for discipleship roles in our synods

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