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Newbigin Pioneering Hub

Pioneering is about releasing ordinary people to do the extraordinary things they dream about – enabling crazy, and not so crazy, ideas to take shape as part of the mission of the church.

The Newbigin Pioneering Hub is an initiative which offers:

  • spare-time training in pioneer ministry for those starting out
  • a community for pioneers within the URC and beyond
  • all led by people with deep lived experience of the ups and downs of starting new things in a wide variety of settings

Could God be calling you to step out in faith with us to see your God-given dreams in your local community flourish in faith, hope and love?

Join us

Do you See…

  • New possibilities?
  • A way where there is no way?
  • Ideas for mission in your community that just might work?
  • A new community of disciples where there is none?
  • How your local community can flourish in God’s love and shalom, but know this can’t happen alone?

If you can see even a glimpse of any of these, then why not be part of the Newbigin Pioneering Hub and see if your hopes can be realised together with us.

Come and join us – we aim to support people as they discover with God how to respond to what they see around them – through learning, resourcing and networking – we can go further together.

To the right is the module content for the next course. You can find more information about this at Seedbeds.org/Pioneering-Hub. The application forms for the course can be found here, or you can contact Seedbeds directly at [email protected]

For help with funding and other support please talk to your local church, synod or apply for a Discipleship Development Fund grant.

Newbigin Pioneering Hub Course outline for 2023-24

2023-2024 Cohort 2

  • Orientation/Induction zoom: 10am Saturday 9 September 2023. Lodge Road Community Church
  • Module 1: Pioneering Mission
  • Module 2: Mission Spirituality
  • Module 3: Church and Mission
  • Module 4: Mission and the Bible
  • Module 5: Community Development
  • Module 6: Missional Enterprise
  • Pitch to Panel and Graduation: 10am-3pm Saturday 20 July 2024. Lodge Road Community Church

Watch Wendy’s testimonial below to get a sense of what the Newbigin Pioneer Hub course is all about.

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