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Accredited Lay Preacher grant

Who is eligible to claim this support?

All Lay Preachers in the United Reformed Church who have been Accredited by the General Assembly and who are designated as active.

What is provided?

Up to £300 per annum (assumed to be a calendar year with unspent money not transferable to a future year)

What can this money be used for?

The money is available for the costs and fees for learning events and resources which are relevant to the ministry exercised by the lay preacher, as authorized by the designated Synod Officer, and provided through any of the following:

  • United Reformed Church Resource Centres for Learning Northern College (including courses offered by Luther King House), The Scottish College, Westminster College
  • Up to 50% of the annual grant can be used for publications or resources, including subscriptions to Reform and other journals
  • Learning events organised by a Synod which the relevant officers within the Synod designate as eligible for reimbursement through this scheme. This may include events specifically designed for preachers and worship leaders or events in which preaching and worship leading is a significant element
  • Relevant learning events organised by other agencies (e.g. other parts of the United Reformed Church, the College of Preachers, ecumenical bodies, etc)

What does it not cover?

It does not cover travel expenses. Lay Preachers are encouraged to obtain travel expenses from their Synod or local church resources.

How are applications made?

Applications are to be made on the designated form, well before the beginning of the course or learning event. Retrospective applications will not normally be authorised.

Application forms are obtainable through the Synod office and should be sent for authorisation to the designated Synod officer.

How are grants paid?

Grants authorised by the designated Synod officer are paid by the Synod by reimbursement to the Lay Preacher upon presentation of proof of payment relating to expenditure made.

This may then be claimed back by the Synod from the Education & Learning Office (Church House).

Grant application form

This application should be submitted to your Synod’s designated officer, normally in advance of the beginning of the course to which it relates or of the expenditure on resources being made. Please check with your Synod’s designated officer if you are unsure of the criteria for funding.

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