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Education for Ministry: Phase 3

Education for Ministry: Phase 3 (EM3) is the third and lifelong learning phase of learning and development for recognised Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Church Related Community Workers in the United Reformed Church.

It is the least structured EM phase, though some EM3 courses are mandatory. All three phases of Education for Ministry are to empower those in positions of responsibility in the URC to carry out the responsibilities in which they are engaged. Fundamentally, the URC believes that continuing professional development is part of what it is to be a minister.

EM3 is predominantly an education and learning approach to ministerial empowerment. EM3 events or resources are those which help ministers to grow whilst anticipating that the achieved growth will benefit their place of ministry, will support their lifelong faith journeys and will encourage collegiality. Synod EM3 Officers usually work with EM3ers to create a personal development plan and to offer support considering development opportunities.

Download EM3 Guidelines

EM3 Guidelines give detailed information about learning opportunities and funding.

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