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Education for Ministry: Phase 2

Education for Ministry Phase 2 (EM2) is the post ordination or commissioning period lasting until all requirements have been met, normally three years.

In practical terms, the EM2 phase normally begins at ordination to the ministry of Word and Sacrament or commissioning to Church Related Community Work and ends with a certificate of completion of EM2, issued by the Synod in which training has been completed.

More fundamentally, the EM2 period is focussed on moving from content focussed learning to context focussed learning where responsibility for learning moves away from the Resource Centre for Learning towards the minister or CRCW. EM2 is about context and development, putting theology and faith in real places with the minister holding real responsibility.

EM2 Guidelines explain more about the EM transitions, the people responsible for EM2 and the processes supporting the EM2 period of learning. The Assembly portion of the EM2 programme was redesigned at the end of 2020 to more effectively meet the needs of the varied shapes of ministry into which ministers are ordained or commissioned – EM2 Assembly Programme.

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